‘This should be a smash’
Sunday Mirror

‘Curl up and enjoy this bewitching novel’
(Woman & Home)

‘Delightful…. Hugely engaging’
Sunday Express

‘Beautifully written, cleverly constructed, at times hilariously funny and ultimately deeply affecting’
Sunday Mirror

‘Razor sharp while packing a heart wrenchingly powerful emotional punch… Beautifully written, cleverly constructed, at times hilariously funny and ultimately deeply affecting’
Sunday Mirror

‘Clever, intricate plot, beautifully sketched characters and life-affirming message’

‘A lovely, quirky novel’
Daily Mail

‘This inspirational tale of friendship, world records and following dreams is a stunner’

‘A whimsical and bittersweet story about finding friendship in the most unlikely places’
Good Housekeeping

‘Wise, witty and incredibly moving…..magical and life-affirming. I was utterly charmed.’
Polly Samson

‘I loved it! The boy is one of my favourite literary characters ever! I thought it was a gem of a novel, heart breaking and heart-warming. Beautifully written, with characters that you want to keep by your side. Such a perfect book for lovers of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Universe Versus Alex Woods.’
- Adele Parks

‘A jewel of a novel. Themes of grief, love, family and old age come together to form a novel that sits on that magical boundary between literary and commercial fiction, a book that’s both easy to read and deeply profound as it swings between light humour and wrenching sadness.This engaging and heartfelt novel is set to be one of the biggest hits of 2016.’
- The Media Eye, Rising Stars

‘Heartbreaking and brilliant….if you loved Elizabeth Is Missing or The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry then I am sure you’ll enjoy this. I’d be surprised if it’s not a hit in 2016.’
- Sheila O’Reilly, Dulwich Books

‘...life-affirming, touching and beautifully written’
- Heat magazine

‘A big, warm, winning treat of a novel, wholly believable but touched with magic. Sharply observed, deftly constructed and pithily told, this is a story about facing up to the losses of the past and discovering that the most unexpected of allies can help old dreams come true.’
- Alison Mercer, author of After I Left You

‘I loved it! Ona is such a brilliant heroine and Quinn is such a surprising hero.
And, oh - that ending... Such a life-affirming read - I just love the way Monica’
story brings out the best in people.’
- Hannah Beckerman, Author and Journalist

‘A book that you start reading at full tilt; it’s so beguiling and sad and funny that you can’t stop speeding through. And then you realize that there aren’t that many pages left and that puts a halt to your gallop, so you slow right down to eke out the pleasure. I absolutely loved it.’
- Eithne Farry, The Simple Things

‘Why aren’t there more characters in literature like the 104-year-old Ona, Monica Wood’s feisty heroine, a lady you’d be happy to spend time with from a wise and touching book...’
- Frances Gertler, Head of Content, Foyles.co.uk

‘An exceptionally clever piece of storytelling which gently leads the readers through a moving story with an ending that isn’t predictable, but leaves you feeling satisfied and content. Very strong writing with a central character that I’d love to meet and make a friend!’
- Annie Ashworth, Director, The Stratford Literary Festival